• Maintenance
    Washing instructions

Our products are all made from carefully selected down filling and casing of supreme quality, which will last for many years if you treat them properly. Following some simple advice on maintenance, you can keep your down pillow and duvet clean, fresh and fluffy.

Some simple tips

Following these simple tips will keep your duvet and pillow like new for many years.

1. When you wake up in the morning there may still be a bit of dampness left in your duvet and pillow. Let them dry off before you cover with a bedspread.

2. Turn the duvet head to toe at least once a week and always shake it from different ends, as the filling will otherwise pile up in one side.

3. Air both duvet and pillow regularly – never use the vacuum cleaner on them and never beat them, like you would do with a rug.

4. Wash ONLY one duvet (135×200/220cm) or two pillows at the time. Double duvets should be washed at a suitable launderette. Use a washing machine with a capacity of at least 7 kg. Wash on a gentle cycle with high water and low spin.

5. If your duvet or pillow is stained, you clean it off best with a hard wrung, damp sponge.

6. Always use special soap for down wash WITHOUT enzymes (wool wash soap is fine). NEVER use conditioner. The wrong type of soap or conditioner can destroy the down.

7. Centrifuge duvet and pillow after washing. Choose the more gentle spin.

8. Down and feather duvets and pillows should always be tumble-dried along with a couple of tennis balls, directly upon washing, otherwise the down will lump together and it can get mouldy. Dry at app. 60º C in the tumble-drier. It takes a long time – 3 to 5 hours, according to the capacity of the tumble-drier. The duvet or pillow must be completely dry – also the finest down inside – and must not feel even slightly damp.

Extra tip

You can see if your duvet or pillow is completely dry by weighing it before washing and after drying. If it weighs more after drying it means that it’s still damp inside, so you need to give it more time in the tumble-dryer.