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    Our values

At Quilts of Denmark, we’ve set out to make a good night’s sleep available to everyone. That’s why we put all our expertise and inventiveness into creating bedding that provides the best conditions for quality sleep - and why we make sure that our products are made widely accessible. 

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is a prerequisite for a good day. Unfortunately, a good night’s sleep is not simply a matter of course. Quilts of Denmark has a vision of being North Europe’s most innovative manufacturer and distributor of bedding, which contributes to better sleep. Through active product leadership and innovative marketing we have created a platform, from where we can operate in the market for bedding and make a real difference for a good night’s sleep and, as a consequence, a good life.

With respect for our surroundings

A good night’s sleep should be good in every way – also for nature and the environment. The manufacturing of our products is based on sustainable principles and strict focus on quality, ethics, animal welfare and environmental friendliness.

At Quilts of Denmark we have the courage to think differently and do things our own way. For this we have been rewarded with several acknowledgements and a leading position in the market for bedding equipment. Quilts of Denmark has received Innovationsprisen (2006, 2007), Innovations Alliance Prisen (2004), Årets Netværksvirksomhed (2012), Årets Virksomhed Kolding Kommune (2005), Gazelle Sprinter Børsen (2005).