• DanaDream
    Everybody should
    sleep in comfort

A good night’s sleep should be a human right. With DanaDream we have done everything we can to help you rest in surroundings that promote your wellbeing and provide perfect sleeping comfort. DanaDream is a line of pillows and duvets in a comprehensive assortment and in absolute top quality, which gives you plenty of choice to select the bedding that matches your individual needs. The line comprises duvets and pillows for big and small, for summer and winter, for cold and warm people. And for you who may need special neck and head support, we recommend that you explore the range of Ergomagic pillows, which includes products that take a completely new approach to ergonomics in combination with luxury.  

We are not all the same

We all sleep differently, and what it takes for each of us to sleep comfortably at night varies from person to person. It is important to maintain a nice sleeping temperature through the night, and some need a warm duvet, while others get on better with a lighter one. Some people prefer to lie stomach down, which means they need a low pillow. Others lie on their sides or back and therefore need a higher pillow. DanaDream gives you plenty of choice to combine duvet and pillow to match your preferred sleeping position and provides wonderful sleeping comfort – also if you need a special pillow with specific ergonomic properties.

Rest assured

Choosing DanaDream means you can trust your products to be safe in every way. Labels such as Oeko-tex, NOMITE, Downafresh and Downpass are a guarantee that your duvet and pillow are completely clean, while adhering to legislation on animal welfare and ethics.