• Peace and harmony
    In the bedroom

It’s almost a shame that the wonderful duvets and pillows from Quilts of Denmark should be hidden away inside covers. But discovering the fine designs and feeling the luxurious textiles from Borås Cotton and Turiform will soon make you happy again. In their different ways, the two bed linen brands combine Nordic, cool inspiration from the sea and unspoiled nature with style and elegance, giving you every opportunity to create the surroundings that you love to fall asleep in.

Borås Cotton

Earth, wood, wild plants and sea – the inspiration is clearly Nordic nature and changing seasons. The many fine designs and balanced nuances convey a soothing combination of fresh air and peaceful tranquillity. With Borås Cotton you invite quality and elegant style into your bedroom.


Norwegian artist and designer, Turi Tobiassen has created a varied assortment, which you can combine as you wish to style a bedroom to your own taste. Turiform is Scandinavian design with an eye for exquisite details and both warm and cool colours that match to form a greater whole.